Exercise With the Double-Handed Sword, The Graphic, 1884Instructor: Cecil Longino

Wednesdays from 8:00 to 9:00pm

The longsword was used in both warfare and in duels prior to the 1600’s and was retained for a considerable time after in some fencing schools as an important teaching tool.  The longsword is a versatile weapon and can be used with one or both hands and is designed to deliver cuts or thrusts. The use of one’s second hand on the grip of the weapon allows for considerable leverage in both offense and defense.

Instruction of longsword technique is based upon Joachim Meyer’s treatise of 1570, Kunst des Fechtens. It is also supplemented by additional German and Italian sources. As students advance in competency, they will practice techniques that emphasize binds, blade seizures, disarms and a modicum of in-fighting.

Armored Longsword

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