Military Sabre

Instructor: Andrew Telesca
Saber v. Bayonet, "The Century", New York, 1886Thursdays from 8:00pm to 9:00pm

The sabre was studied and worn by officers in most Western militaries during the 18th and 19th centuries.  It was a symbol of rank and status as well as a valuable tool in combat.  During this time period numerous different schools and types of sabre developed throughout Europe, both for encounters of honor and for use on the battlefield.

This class looks at a general system of military sabre sharing core characteristics with many systems taught throughout Western Europe.  It is a comparatively simple system of fence as would have been taught to soldiers at the time, whose training was often restricted to a few weeks rather than the years of study given to many other systems of fence.

Millitary Saber, "The Century", New York, 1886The class covers all basic elements of sabre use including correct grip and manipulation, the mechanics of a good cut, proper stance and guard, footwork both linear and angular, basic attacks and defenses, counters, actions on the blade, moulinets, feints, the extended phrase and basic considerations for addressing multiple opponents.

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1909: Non Commissioned Officer Sabre Training, Aldershot