Spanish Rapier

1782: Recueil de Planches de l'Encyclopedie Par Ordre de Matieres: Fencing
Instruc­tor: Cecil Longino
Wednesdays from 7:00 to 8:00pm

The ‘rapier’, an Eng­lish term adopted for a pop­u­lar Con­ti­nen­tal Euro­pean sword of the High Renais­sance, was con­sid­ered to be an essen­tial part of a Gentleman’s attire. Not only did it aid in his defense, but it was also viewed as the weapon most prop­erly worn at the side of the “bet­ter sorts” such as noble­men, gen­tle­men, knights and soldiers.

Our method­ol­ogy comes from Mae­stro Ramon Mar­tinez and is sup­ple­mented by the writ­ings of ear­lier Span­ish fenc­ing mas­ters: Don Jeron­imo de Car­ranza (1569), Don Luis Pacheco de Nar­vaez (1600), Girard Thibault (1628), Don Alvaro Guerra de la Vega (1681) and Don Fran­cisco Lorenz de Rada (1705).

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